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Is Acupoint Injection Therapy in Clearwater Right For You?

Do you suffer from chronic pain issues? Interested in improving your general health in a more natural way? Want to improve your immune system and prevent disease? At Dawn Potter Acupuncture we are proud to offer acupuncture point injection therapy in Clearwater, Florida for those in need. Today, we’re discussing Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy and how it can improve your day-to-day life.

Acupoint injection therapy is an adjunctive treatment that more Doctors of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncturists are employing. Dawn is happy to offer B-12 injections (only the highest quality form – for energy enhancement), Vitamin D-3 (for immune system and bone health), MIC Injections (for fat burning). Dawn also offers injections of homeopathic remedies into muscles, joints, and trigger points. These remedies are specific for pain, injury, inflammation and spasms, as well as boosting of the immune system, optimizing fertility, calming the nervous system, and even treating vertigo.

Picture of Acupoint Injection in Clearwater, FL

About Acu-Point Injection Therapy

Acupoint Injection Therapy is a treatment which utilizes injections of vitamins, or homeopathic remedies. During treatment, these injections are done to various acupuncture points on the body, that correspond with the treatment objective, such as pain reduction, immune system boosting, optimizing fertility, or calming the nervous system.

Acupuncture Point Injection therapy can be used with or without a traditional Acupuncture treatment, depending on your goals, but best treatment results are obtained by combining both.

How Does Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy Work?

During Acupoint Injection Therapy, certain points in the body are injected with different remedies (Methyl-B12, Vitamin D3, MIC or homeopathic injectables). Homeopathics, distinct from herbs, vitamins or pharmaceuticals, are a very specific form of natural medicine. They can help to boost the immune system, calm anxiety or even enhance fertility. Patients report that Dawn’s injection technique is quite gentle, and there is minimal discomfort during and after treatment.

How Often Do I Need Acupoint Injection Therapy?

Although many patients experience relief following the first treatment, many conditions will require multiple treatment sessions in order to achieve the desired results. During your initial consultation, Dawn Potter will create the appropriate treatment plan for you.

How Can Dawn Potter Acupuncture Help? 

At Dawn Potter Acupuncture, we proudly offer a wide range of treatment options, which include various acupoint injection options. We also offer free telehealth visits to discuss your overall wellness goals, acupoint injection along with our many other treatment options such as massage, red light therapy, cupping and more. Schedule your free consultation with us today.

Schedule Clearwater Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy

Interested in improving your general health, boosting your immune system and preventing disease down the road? Contact Dawn Potter Acupuncture in Clearwater, Florida today to schedule your consultation for Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy.


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