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Cupping Clearwater, Florida

Do you experience pain, inflammation, muscle tightness or limited range of motion? Interested in a more natural approach to your care? Our Clearwater cupping treatment may be the perfect option for your needs. It provides a wide range of benefits for your overall wellness. We offer free 15-minute phone consultations to discuss cupping, other treatment options, and your overall wellness goals. Feel free to schedule your consultation or appointment for cupping today.


What Is Cupping?

The art of cupping has been utilized by healers and laypeople in many cultures, for thousands of years.  The ancient Chinese, Greeks, and Native Americans, as well as other indigenous peoples have all had  their own versions of cupping. And these days you can see on TV many celebrities and elite athletes  wearing cupping marks, showing that they regularly receive cupping for pain, healing and detoxification.

Cupping is an extraordinary technique, and its effects are immediate. The process of healing from a  chronic or acute pain condition may be shortened by weeks or even months by using cupping, a method  that manually removes energy blockage in ways that acupuncture needles cannot. 

The cells of the body use oxygen and give off carbon dioxide and waste; when there is an energy or  blood circulation blockage, the cellular waste and carbon dioxide get stuck, along with any toxicity that  we are exposed to in our modern-day lives. This is often referred to as acid or toxin build-up, (or “Sha” in  Chinese medicine), and it causes spasm, pain and dysfunction in muscles and joints. Cupping is a suction  technique designed to clear this cellular waste and toxin build-up. 

How Is Our Clearwater Cupping Treatment Helpful?

The presence of physical pain implies that there is a blockage in the flow of energy and blood through a  particular area. When toxins or cellular waste stagnate in the muscles or joints, it can be difficult for the  body to clear it out, causing further blockage and discomfort. 

Utilizing cupping techniques, we can pull the blockage out of the deeper tissue and move it closer to the  skin’s surface. Here, it is much easier for the body to eliminate toxins through the superficial blood  supply. In only 10 or 15 minutes of cupping, not only can we pull toxin build-up out of specific areas, but  we can also pull fresh new blood and energy into those areas, restoring proper flow. This promotes  healing and pain relief.  

Cupping is diagnostic as well as therapeutic, and it can tell us three basic things. First, it tells us exactly  where the problem is. Some skin under the cups will develop color, and some won’t, although the same amount of suction has been used with all cups. These colored areas help us identify the sources of pain and discomfort. This color is not a bruise; it is more like a hickey, but it isn’t really that either. It is an  indication of the amount of stagnation and toxicity that has been brought to the surface. It will fade over  a matter of days, in the same way that a bruise does. 

Second, cupping tells us the kind of problem with which we are dealing; Issues relating to toxin build-up  or muscle spasm will cause the skin under the cup to color, whereas issues dealing with nerve or bone will not color. For these issues acupuncture, herbal therapy, and red light will likely work better for you.  

Third, cupping shows us the severity of the problem. Light or moderate blockage will cause the skin  under a cup to color pink or red, and it will take a day or two for this color to fade. Severe stagnation and  pollution in the tissues can cause the skin to color a deep scarlet, purple, or even black; it may take seven  to ten days for dark colors to disperse.  

What Is A Cupping Session Like? 

Depending on the area being cupped, you may be seated for your session, or you may be lying down.  Areas we most commonly cup are the neck, back, shoulders and hips. But we also do the jaw, the rib  areas, and the limbs. 

The more pain and/or toxin build-up you have in the area, the more uncomfortable the cupping  sensation will be. In fact, the cupping sensation can be a bit painful for the first 60 seconds, which is the  time during which most of the toxins are removed. It is helpful to try to relax into the process; after the  first 60 seconds, the intensity of the discomfort will reduce, and you will have a more successful cupping  session.  

In most cases, the first cupping session will remove about 80% of the toxin buildup in the area under the  cups. A second treatment within 2 weeks will usually clear out the remaining 20%. Often you will feel a  significant difference in your pain level after the first cupping treatment.  

Cupping Aftercare:  

It is important to keep the freshly-cupped area covered and warm. Do not allow drafts or a chill to reach  this area, for at least 48-62 hours, as this could potentially cause the area to spasm. This means do not  sleep under a fan, sit under an A/C vent, or sleep with the windows open. And make sure to drink a lot of  water after cupping.  

If you got a lot of dark coloration from the cupping, you may find that your skin will be a bit itchy, sore  and/or sensitive for a couple of days. And your muscles may be a bit stiff the next morning. You may  even feel a bit tired. This is normal, and usually corresponds with the level of toxicity that was brought to  the surface for the body to dispose of.  

If you are itchy, just scratch and it will go away. To help with stiffness, take a hot shower, or hot bath, and  if you are very sore, then ibuprofen or acetaminophen pain-reliever for a day or two will take care of it.  Your subsequent cupping sessions should not cause such a reaction, because most of your toxin load was cleared out by the initial cupping session.  

By the time you are only producing light cupping marks, your original chronic or acute pain will be  significantly reduced! Often this is after just one session… this is why so many people become “cupping  addicts!” 

Schedule Your Cupping Session In Clearwater Today

Considering cupping? Interested in discussing it a bit more? We offer free 15-minute phone consultations and would be happy to discuss cupping, our other treatment options, and your wellness goals. Reach out today to schedule your consultation or cupping session in Clearwater, Florida. We’re always happy to help.

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