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How Does Fertility Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture is an Eastern medicinal technique that is now used in both the East and the West to address many health problems. Fertility acupuncture can increase a person’s chances of conception. Acupuncture has been known to treat infertility for both females and males for centuries.

Many acupuncturists combine acupuncture and herbal medicine, with great success for increasing fertility. Patients may also find success in combining Eastern and Western treatments for infertility, and in fact, there are many studies demonstrating the benefits of combining acupuncture with in-vitro fertilization (IVF), to increase success rates of the IVF procedure.

How Does Fertility Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture works by increasing the flow of Qi, or Life Force Energy, through the body, via the energy meridians or pathways. In Eastern medicine, it is believed that people become ill when the organs, glands and all tissues of the body are no longer receiving the flow of energy that they require.

Also, poor functioning to an organ or tissue can inhibit energy flow and cause further imbalance. Acupuncture treatment works to open blockages within these meridians so that energy may again freely flow and the body can better heal itself.

Using Fertility Acupuncture

When acupuncture for fertility is used, it is primarily used to increase the flow of energy through the body and reproductive organs. An added bonus is that acupuncture is a stress reducer. Reducing the amount of stress in the body also increases blood flow, and benefits hormonal balance.

For men, increased blood flow to this region of the body helps with sperm generation. For women, it supports ovulation, embryo implantation to the uterine lining, and getting proper nutrients to the embryo.

Fertility acupuncture is usually started 4 to 6 months prior to expecting conception for both males and females. Upon fertilization, men no longer need to receive fertility acupuncture, while women are encouraged to continue treatment through the first trimester, to prevent possible miscarriage.

Stress and Acupuncture for Fertility Treatments

Stress is a huge factor in couples being unable to conceive a child. Western medicine isn’t really able to address this; it simply gives your body hormonal manipulations in order to attempt to force conception. Using acupuncture to regulate energy flow in the body that has become blocked by stress can increase the effectiveness of Western medicine treatments. Acupuncture for pregnancy can also be used successfully on its own.

How Can Dawn Potter Acupuncture Help?

Our Clearwater acupuncturist offers a wide range of treatment options for fertility, including acupuncture. We offer free 15 minute phone consultations if you'd like to discuss our acupuncture for fertility or other fertility treatment options. Visit our booking site today to get started.

Start Fertility Acupuncture in Clearwater, Florida

If you are considering fertility acupuncture and have questions regarding procedures, timing, safety, or anything at all; contact Dawn Potter Acupuncture. Dawn believes that people should be treated as a whole. In addition to fertility acupuncture services, she offers solutions for acute and chronic pain, stress, headaches, allergies, cancer support, and more in the Clearwater, Florida area. If you are looking for safe alternative therapies, give Dawn a call today at, (727) 475-4710 ext. 1.


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