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Near Infrared Light Treatment, Inflammation Reduction & Long-Covid?

Do you experience inflammation throughout the body? Have you been labeled with “long-covid” syndrome or symptoms? Interested in a more natural approach to the inflammation occurring in your body? Considering near infrared light therapy in Clearwater? Today, Dawn Potter Acupuncture is discussing recent research into photobiomodulation therapy (red/near infrared light treatment), how that research supports inflammation treatment and what it could mean for those experience symptoms due to COVID infection. Have additional questions? Interested in scheduling a free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss light therapy? We would be happy to help with any of your needs. Simply reach out today.

Clearwater Near Infrared/Red Light Therapy

What Is Near Infrared Light Treatment? Near Infrared Light therapy is a treatment option that has been used for a variety of conditions with underlying inflammatory issues for over a century. Special lights are used to expose an area to specific wavelengths of light. These lights come in different shape, sizes and configurations depending upon the exact use. Depending upon the exact light, the wavelength emitted can be vastly different as well. This recent research discusses which lights may be best and the different ways they can be used. How Can Clearwater Photobiomodulation Therapy Help? Results from a recent study showed that infrared exposure therapy can interact with the key inflammatory response pathway known to be deregulated among COVID-19 patients. Regulating this pathway may be effective in reducing the overall inflammatory response that may be caused by those experiencing inflammation such as that caused by COVID-19. More in-depth information and results of the research can be found here: Infrared light therapy relieves TLR-4 dependent hyper-inflammation of the type induced by COVID-19

if you would prefer a video that summarizes the information a bit better to understand, you can also watch this video on the topic: Near Infrared Light Reduces Inflammation via TLR4 In Vitro Dawn Potter's light panels are FDA-approved Class II Medical Devices. They emit 5 wavelengths of red & NIR light: 630, 660, 810, 830 & 850nm. Each wavelength penetrates through the body tissues to a specific depth and has its own special benefits as discussed in the research above.

Near Infrared Light Treatment Risks? When done incorrectly, skin burns can occur during near infrared light therapy, however, when done properly, there are no reported risks and the treatment has been approved for various medical applications.

Start Near Infrared Light Treatment in Clearwater, Florida Today

Interested in starting treatment? Contact us today to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation. We would be happy to discuss which treatment options may be right for your needs.


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