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Is Our Clearwater Red Light Therapy Right For You?

Interested in a more natural treatment option that can improve skin appearance? Reduce the signs of aging? Improve healing? Reduce pain? Increase energy levels? You may be interested in our new red light therapy in Clearwater, Florida! At Dawn Potter Acupuncture we are dedicated to providing a more natural approach to care and offer a wide range of treatment options, from red light therapy and acupoint injections to manual therapies such as massage and acupuncture. Interested in finding out if red light therapy may be right for you? Contact us today to schedule your FREE 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your health and exact needs.

Picture of Red Light Therapy in Clearwater Florida

What Exactly Is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy (also known as Phot biomodulation or low level light therapy) uses light in the invisible near-infrared / visible red light spectrum. Using low wavelength red light can help to reduce inflammation, increase circulation throughout the body, improve brain health and even boost energy production.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

During red light therapy in Clearwater, low wavelength red light is utilized to improve the body in various ways. It can help to rejuvenate skin, hair and boost production of collagen all while breaking down fat cells. It can improve skin quality, reduce issues and even result in a more youthful appearance when used on the face. It has also been shown to improve healing, being useful for those that workout or do strenuous exercise.

What Can I Expect During Red Light Therapy in Clearwater?

Red light therapy is actually quite simply, you’ll be given a 30 minute appointment with 22 minutes using red light therapy. You can target one side of your body, both sides or whatever your goal is for the moment. Red light therapy is not an instant fix and does require consistent appointments over an extended period of time depending upon desired results.

Start Red Light Therapy in Clearwater, Florida Today

Ready to schedule your Clearwater red light therapy? Contact Dawn Potter Acupuncture today to get started.


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