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Is Our Clearwater Gua Sha Treatment Right For You?

Do you experience joint or muscle pain? Possibly back pain? Carpal tunnel syndrome? Chronic inflammation? Interested in a more natural approach to your care? At Dawn Potter Acupuncture we are proud to offer Gua Sha in Clearwater, Florida. Gua Sha is a treatment option that has been used for centuries to relieve a variety of ailments including pain and inflammation in the body. Have questions about Gua Sha or our other treatment options? Interested in scheduling an appointment? For any of your needs, please reach out to Dawn Potter Acupuncture, we would be happy to get your appointment scheduled.

Picture of Clearwater Gua Sha Treatment

What Is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique which is used to increase circulation of blood and fluids throughout the body. This can disperse toxicity and improve pain. Gua Sha is similar to cupping in the fact that it can increase blood circulation in an area, however, instead of using a cup and suction, a tool is used to scrape an area of the body that has had a lubricant applied prior to treatment. Tools for Gua Sha can vary, ceramic spoons, jade and even horn can be shaped to use as a tool.

​Gua Sha treatment much like cupping can leave some skin marks/discoloration which is known as “petechiae”. These areas are not painful or tender and typically fade within a few days.

What Do Patients Say?

Many people considering Gua Sha are worried that the experience may be painful, we often hear that the experience feels like a deep massage and tension relief is provided following the session.

What To Expect During Gua Sha Treatment

During your Gua Sha session, a tool will be used to scrape certain areas of the body, promoting circulation in that specific area. A lubricant is used on skin prior to treatment to avoid any injuries.

Schedule Gua Sha in Clearwater, Florida Today

Considering Gua Sha in Clearwater? We would be happy to help, schedule an appointment with Dawn Potter Acupuncture today.


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