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Going Plant Based For New Years? Here Are Some Tips!

Each year people around the world make resolutions to improve their life in the upcoming year. Resolutions geared toward health, fitness and dieting are some of the most common. In recent years, going plant based/vegan has grown in popularity. At Dawn Potter Acupuncture in Clearwater we are here for this trend, we are big supporters of plant based diets and the positive effects it can have on your health/life. Today, we’re providing some tips that can help with sticking to your resolution of going vegan/plant based. Have additional questions? Interested in some nutritional guidance/advice? For any of your needs, feel free to reach out.

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Find A Community

When it comes to implementing change, surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals can be a great help. Whether you find a local plant based group in your community or venture online it can be helpful. Facebook, Quora, Reddit and other platforms have different communities for plant based, veganism, etc.

Download The Apps

Navigating a new way of eating can be complicated, luckily some wonderful people have created applications for your phone that can help. HappyCow provides information about different restaurants that provide vegan options. Is It Vegan is another extremely useful application that allows you to scan barcodes and it will let you know if any ingredients may not be plant based/vegan friendly.

Go Slow

When it comes to implementing changes to your diet/lifestyle it can be important to do so slowly. Moving too quickly can be overwhelming and lead to failure. Start slowly, try by making more meals plant based as you slowly cut other products out of your life.

Try New Things

When people try a new way of eating, they often stick to a lot of old habits, avoiding foods they may not have liked many years ago. As you change your diet, taste can actually change. We highly recommend at least trying things you may not have liked before to see if your taste has changed or if a different preparation method works better for you.

Schedule Clearwater Nutritional Guidance Today

Interested in nutritional guidance for plant based diets in Clearwater, Florida? Dawn Potter Acupuncture would be happy to help. Schedule your FREE 15 minute phone consultation today.

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