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Corona Virus Update

Hi Everyone,

This is a clinic update regarding the COVID-19 virus. We wanted to provide some information for all of our patients regarding the Corona Virus.

Immune Boosting for Corona Virus

We are available for immune supporting acupuncture treatments, plus immune boosting herbs, supplements and injections.

Also, in general, we recommend most patients be taking daily: 2000-3000 mg of Vitamin C, 3000-5000 i.u. of Vitamin D3 (with some sun exposure to activate it), and 15-30 mg of Zinc, to help keep your immune system functioning well. This supplement regimen I have suggested is not appropriate for all patients, including those who are pregnant. Please contact me for more individualized recommendations if you have health issues, are expecting, etc.

Other Corona Virus Prevention Measures

Of course, follow the handwashing guidelines we’ve all been hearing about.

Avoid handshaking, face kissing and hugging. Consider greeting with Elbow bumps, Namaste bows, waves and even Jazz hands.

Get adequate sleep!

Avoid crowds and public gatherings.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, and forego the sugars, dairy and processed meats.

Stop smoking… even vaping.

If You Develop Corona Virus Symptoms

If you experience the symptoms of Corona Virus (COVID-19), namely a fever with a dry cough and difficulty breathing (maybe also a sore throat), PLEASE DO NOT COME IN for an appointment. Please stay home. We do not have the proper protective equipment to treat patients with COVID-19, and we don’t want to have to shut down the clinic due to exposure. We will waive any cancellation fees for those who are sick or know they have been exposed.

Instead, we are happy to provide a phone consultation for herbs and supplements. We can then either mail herbs and supplements to you, or you can have someone pick them up for you.

If you suspect you might have COVID-19, please call your primary care doctor, or the FL Department of Health hotline (1-866-779-6121) for instructions on how to report for testing. Also, please consult the City of Tampa COVID-19 information page. And remember that for the majority of people, this virus causes mild symptoms that resolve on their own with home care.

Lastly, please be kind…

While this is a nerve-wracking time, marked with uncertainty and confusion, please remember to be kind. We can all aim to be diligent without panicking. It behooves everyone to support each other in staying healthy and recovering quickly.

If you are experiencing severe anxiety or stress about COVID-19, please be kind to yourself as well, and take time for some stress-relief for yourself…massage, acupuncture, meditation, walking in nature…seek some counseling if you need it, and remember we are all in this together.


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