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Acupuncture & Herbs for Long-Covid Syndrome

One of the more insidious things about Covid-19 is that even if you don’t have a very severe case of the illness, you could end up with long-term symptoms such as cough, fatigue, easy to tire, shortness of breath, decreased stamina (all of which resemble Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)…even digestive symptoms, heart palpitations, blood pressure issues or exacerbation of existing health problems.

There are several reasons posited in the medical community about why and how this could happen, but no clear answers or solutions are yet pinned down.

Fortunately, Traditional Chinese Medicine can help. It approached the body and its functioning differently; it doesn’t need a reductionist picture of the biochemistry of what is happening in order to improve the situation. Because it is about optimizing the balance of energetic systems in the body, this can be addressed whether the exact mechanism of the origin of the disharmony is determined or not.

In Dr. Dawn’s practice, she has now treated three Long-Covid cases. And all of them responded well to acupuncture and herbs: Within a few weeks, their coughs were gone, and their stamina improved. They no longer needed daytime naps, and could do more walking outside without feeling exhausted for the rest of the day. Within a couple of months, they were nearly or completely back to normal.

If you are suffering with Long-Covid, please contact Dawn Potter Acupuncture to see how we can help you.


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