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Acupuncture for Asthma

Are you aware that 7.7 percent of adults and 8.4 percent of children suffer from asthma? That is about 25 million Americans and asthma is still on the rise, becoming more common. Today we’re discussing asthma and how acupuncture treatment in Clearwater can help. If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact Dawn Potter Acupuncture.

About Asthma

Asthma is a condition which causes a patient to produce extra mucus, experience swelling, narrowing and inflammation of the airways and have difficulties breathing. Asthma often causes wheezing, coughing and chest pain. Asthma can be a minor hindrance or something that impacts daily activities. Some patients could even have a life-threatening asthma attack. The most common treatments in America are rescue inhalers and controller inhales which can treat or even prevent symptoms. For more severe cases, longer-acting inhalers and steroids may be used.

Asthma Acupuncture?

Acupuncture can be a wonderful treatment for asthma, helping patients to breathe better and avoid attacks. A study that was conducted by the Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care in the University Hospital of Vienna showed the acupuncture can actually reduce the severity and frequency of asthma attacks, with 70% of the patients in the study having a significant improvement following acupuncture treatment.

Starting Acupuncture for Asthma

Interested in starting acupuncture treatment for your asthma in Clearwater? You can contact Dawn Potter Acupuncture to schedule a consultation. During your consultation, Dawn Potter will discuss your health history and determine the best treatment options for your asthma.

Schedule Asthma Acupuncture in Clearwater Today

Think you may need acupuncture for asthma? Schedule your appointment with Dawn Potter Acupuncture today, we are always accepting new patients and would be delighted to add you to our schedule.


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