Natural Clearwater Allergy Relief

For many people that have never suffered from allergies, the last few years has been a rude awakening. With pollen counts higher than ever, what are we to do? Many people take an allergy or antihistamine medication that can have nasty side-effects on your whole body. At Dawn Potter Acupuncture, we take a more natural approach to allergy treatment in Clearwater, Florida and are providing naturally allergy relief tips for our whole community.

Drink More Water

Did you know that not drinking enough water can actually make your allergies worse? Dehydration can actually increase histamine in the body, directly impacting your allergies, even those seasonal ones! We recommend drinking 11-15 cups of water each day to ensure you stay hydrated.

Reduce Inflammatory Foods

Did you know that the foods you eat can actually directly impact your seasonal allergies? Foods such as dairy or gluten can increase inflammation in the body, causing histamine to also be higher. We recommend an anti-inflammatory diet during your worst allergy symptoms.

Change Clothing

Pollen can actually get trapped on our bodies and our clothing. If you have spent time outside, we recommend changing your clothing and trying to rinse off. This can get extra pollen off of you, reducing your reaction to it.

Start Clearwater Chinese Herbal Medicine

While we don’t recommend just adding random herbs to your diet/life, ginger is something that is readily available and easy to add to water or tea. Dr. Dawn Potter can also schedule an appointment with you to discuss your symptoms, health and other factors to determine a chinese herbal medicine regimen that can help with your Clearwater seasonal allergies.

Schedule Acupuncture in Clearwater

Clearwater acupuncture is another great option that can help patients naturally reduce their allergies and histamine in the body. Dawn Potter has vast experience with acupuncture nearby and would be happy to help.

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Is Clearwater Acupuncture Safe During Pregnancy?

When it comes to pregnancy, many women are worried about the effect certain things may have on their pregnancy or even baby. Acupuncture is no different, at Dawn Potter Acupuncture, we use acupuncture for a variety of conditions, including infertility. Many patients wonder if they can continue acupuncture after they have successfully become pregnant and the short answer is yes! However, there are some important things to keep in mind like whether your acupuncturist in Clearwater is licensed and whether or not they know that you are pregnant. Based on that information, different techniques may need to be used.

Studies on Pregnancy Acupuncture

Although acupuncture during pregnancy has not been heavily studied, there are some cases in which studies have looked at the impact of acupuncture on perinatal outcomes.

Pregnancy Outcome Following Women’s Participation In A Randomized Controlled Trial of Acupuncture to Treat Nausea and Vomiting in Early Pregnancy, Smith C et al., Complement Ther Med. 2002 Jun;10(2):78-83.

This study is the largest to date on acupuncture during pregnancy and looked at about 600 women. The study compared women who had gotten two types of acupuncture, “sham” acupuncture or no acupuncture at all. The study concluded there were no differences in perinatal outcomes (including miscarriages), birth abnormalities, complications during pregnancy or any differences between the health of the infants.

Cochrane Review: Interventions for Nausea and Vomiting of Early Pregnancy, Matthews A et al, Sept. 2015

While this Cochrane Review actually looks at many different studies relating to pregnancy and treating nausea and vomiting, information within it tells us that there was no evidence that acupuncture during pregnancy increased rates of mircarriage among women.

Finding a Licensed Clearwater Acupuncturist

As mentioned previously, it is important to work with an experienced, trained and licensed pregnancy acupuncturist in Clearwater, Florida. Trusting in an unlicensed professional could result in unintended outcomes, including injury.

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Endometriosis Acupuncture – How Acupuncture Can Help


Endometriosis Acupuncture: Ancient Remedies for Modern Problems

Acupuncture has been used in most Asian countries for thousands of years to treat a variety of diseases and health issues. Thanks to travelers, this medical art form has been available to patients in the US for the past few decades. One area that acupuncture is very successful in treating is that of pain, including pelvic pain. A relatively common cause of pelvic pain in women is endometriosis, and endometriosis acupuncture is a very successful way to address the pain and inflammation that results from this condition.