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Improving Your Immune System

At Dawn Potter Acupuncture we are dedicated to educating our patients about the importance of health and the immune system. Now more than ever the world is seeing the impact that health can have on day-to-day life, with countries around the world in lock down. Today we’re discussing the immune system and how you can make little changes in your day-to-day life to try and improve yours. If you have any questions or would like to speak with Dawn Potter, feel free to reach out. We’re currently doing phone consultations and appointments during the Corona Virus spread.


Did you know that a bit of stress can actually be beneficial for you? However, chronic stress can actually start to have a big impact on your immune system, actually making you more likely to become ill. Try to make time in each day for relaxation, whether that is some yoga, meditation or even reading, you should try to make sure you relax each and every day.

Think Positively

Did you know that thinking negatively can actually result in more negative outcomes? Much like relaxing, thinking positively is highly important for a healthy immune system. Each day, try to think of positive things and things you can be grateful for, you’d be surprised how much there is in this world that you can be smiling about, even during the roughest of days.

Eat Healthy

Did you know eating better can directly impact your immune system? Try eating healthy fruits and vegetables with each and every meal. Nuts and seeds can also be packed as a quick and healthy snack to have on the go.

Take Supplements

For most patients, you should take general immune boosting supplements such as Vitamin C (250 – 3000 mg/day) , Vitamin D3 (2000 – 5000 i.u. per day), Zinc (15 to 30 mg/day), and Probiotics. Those with certain health conditions or those that are expecting, please reach out for specific recommendations.

Schedule Your Consultation With Dawn Potter Acupuncture Today

Interested in speaking with Dawn Potter Acupuncuncture? Feel free to reach out today for a consultation. We’re always delighted to help patients that are in need.

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