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What to Expect: Clearwater Acupuncture Appointment

So you’ve scheduled your first appointment with Dawn Potter Acupuncture in Clearwater, Florida? Wondering what exactly you can expect when you arrive at our clinic?

What to Expect

  1. We recommend coming with some food in your stomach, a light snack should be good.

  2. Your first appointment with Dawn Potter will be approximately an hour to an hour and a half, ensuring that we have enough time to cover your history and any current concerns.

  3. You can download any forms prior to your appointment here and have them ready prior to your appointment, this will save you time when you arrive.

  4. Following checking-in, Dawn Potter will go over the information in your new patient forms and discuss your health history along with any current health issues or concerns you may be having. We can also discuss any current diagnosis you may have along with medications or herbs you may already be taking.

  5. Please be sure to let Dawn Potter know of any medications, supplements or herbs you may be taking.

  6. A physical examination will also be provided by Dawn to evaluate your health, paying close attention to your tongue and pulse in the wrists.

  7. It is recommended to wear loose clothing during your visit so that different acupuncture sites can be accessed.

  8. These various sites will be swabbed with alcohol, cleaning the area, prior to very thin, sterile, disposable needles being inserted. Most patients report very little sensation at all during treatment.

  9. If Dawn Potter thinks necessary, traditional Chinese herbs may be recommended along with dietary, lifestyle and/or exercise changes. Any traditional Chinese herbs that are recommended are recommended only for you, please do not share with others.

Following Your Appointment

  1. Following acupuncture in Clearwater, we recommend taking it easy and having a relaxing day.

  2. Some patients may feel lightheaded directly following treatment, if this is the case, please wait in our waiting room for a few minutes.

  3. If you experience any symptoms, feel free to contact DAwn Potter to ask any questions.

Schedule Acupuncture in Clearwater Today

Ready to schedule your first acupuncture treatment? Contact Dawn Potter Acupuncture today, we’d be delighted to get you added to our schedule.

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