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Can I Naturally Improve Seasonal Allergies?

Each spring do you start to suffer from seasonal allergies? Tried various medications without much success? Interested in a more natural approach to your seasonal allergies? At Dawn Potter Acupuncture we provide various allergy treatment options. Today we will be discussing various natural options for reducing allergy symptomatology. Have questions? Interested in scheduling an appointment? Contact us today to get started. We'll get you added to her schedule for an appointment.

Picture of Woman With Seasonal Allergies

Reduce High Histamine Foods Did you know that certain foods can actually increase your risk of allergy symptoms? Histamine can be found in many foods that actually lead to an increase of histamine within the body leading to a higher risk of seasonal allergies and the symptoms that accompany it. We do recommend avoiding any foods that are known to be high in histamines, especially during allergy season!

Avoid The Outdoors

It may seem a bit difficult to avoid the outdoors completely but greatly reducing your exposure to the outdoors as specially when things you're allergic to when active can be greatly beneficial. If you must go outside we highly recommend trying to reduce the amount of time you spend outside and make sure you close any windows in your vehicle if possible while traveling.

Wear A Mask Chances are at this point you're probably really tired of wearing a mask, however, there is a reason they're quite effective. wearing a mask can greatly reduce your exposure to various things such as pollen and other debris that can irritate seasonal allergies. In many large cities around the world masks are quite common due to the pollution caused by cars and other technology.

Start Natural Allergy Treatment In Clearwater, Florida Today

Tired of your seasonal allergies? interested in the more natural approach to your allergy treatment? Contact Dawn Potter Acupuncture in Clearwater, Florida today. We'll get you added to our schedule.


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