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Benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine

Are you looking for a more natural approach to your health and wellbeing? Did you know that Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used for thousands of years to improve health and wellbeing? At Dawn Potter Acupuncture we are proud to offer Chinese Herbal Medicine and a variety of other treatment options that take a more natural approach to your care. Interested in learning more? Have questions about herbal therapy in Clearwater? Ready to schedule your consultation? Just reach out to Dawn Potter Acupuncture, we’d be delighted to assist you.

About Herbal Therapy

For centuries, herbal therapy has been used in China as a fundamental therapy for both acute and chronic health conditions. Much like acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy can be used to address a variety of conditions, symptoms and complaints a patient may have. The ultimate goal of Chinese Herbal Therapy is to help the patient regain balance and wellness, strengthening the body’s resistance to ailments. Chinese herbs may also be used as preventive medicine.

Chinese herbal medicine can be useful in the rehabilitation of both acute and chronic diseases. Oftentimes, Chinese herbs are recommended when a patient has multiple symptoms or ailments that are hard to pinpoint. For those that have exhausted other medical treatment options, Chinese herbs may be a wonderful treatment option. Chinese herbal medicine may also be recommended to counteract the side effects of prescription medications or treatments.

What to Expect

During a typical appointment for Traditional Chinese Medicine, your practitioner will provide an examination, assessing your overall health and discussing your health history. The examination is useful for identifying any imbalances or blockages in the body. If your practitioner notices any imbalances, a treatment plan will be created, often combining Chinese herbs with other treatment modalities.

Why Dawn Potter Acupuncture and Wellness?

Dawn Potter has been helping people throughout Pinellas County and beyond for many years with a range of ailments and concerns. From fertility issues to pain management, chances are, we have a treatment option for your needs. Interested? Schedule your FREE 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your overall health, wellness goals and how we can help you.

Start Chinese Herbal Medicine in Clearwater, Florida

Ready to start Clearwater herbal medicine treatment? Simply reach out to Dawn Potter Acupuncture for a consultation. We’re welcoming new patients and would be delighted to help with your needs.

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