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Acupuncture For Depression-Related Coronary Heart Disease

Did you know that depression has been associated with cardiovascular disease & coronary heart disease due to physiological mechanisms and lifestyle? Patients who suffer from depression are more likely to suffer from sleep problems, have poor exercise habits and tend to eat more poorly, among other things.

Elevated heart rate and blood pressure along with reduced blood flow to the heart and increased cortisol production has also been noticed. Luckily, newer research has shown that acupuncture treatment can actually lower the risk of coronary heart disease (a common form of cardiovascular disease) in patients that suffer from depression.

Picture of Mask, Stethoscope & Hearts

A recent study by Chia-Yu Huang, et al. has found that patients who have been diagnosed with depression and received acupuncture treatment actually have a lower risk of coronary heart disease in comparison to patients diagnosed with depression that didn’t receive acupuncture at all. The results of this study were independent of medication use, comorbidities, sex and even age.

The study conducted by Chia-Yu Huang, et al. involved more than 43,000 patients and were divided into two groups, an acupuncture group and a non-acupuncture group. During the study, manual acupuncture and electroacupuncture were both used. Manual acupuncture was far more common (including 88% of patients), while 9% of patients received both and 3% only received electroacupuncture.

On average patients suffering from depression received about 9 acupuncture treatments each, with treatment occurring more than 3.5 years after the diagnosis of depression.

At Dawn Potter Acupuncture we proudly offer acupuncture treatment along with a variety of other treatment options that can help with a range of conditions, including depression.

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