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Success: Wrist Pain from Tendinitis


*After suffering with recurring severe wrist pain (tendinitis) for approximately seven years, I enlisted the help of Dawn Balusik in the Spring of 2008 and began a series of acupuncture treatments.

My tendinitis developed from a sports injury, and had only gotten worse through the years. I had not been able to golf, play basketball, go fishing, or partake in any other sport or heavy lifting, except on the rare occasion that my wrist pain was tolerable.

I had had enough of various doctors telling me there was no cure for what ailed me, other than to simply “not use” my wrist and hand at all for a lengthy period of time. Furthermore, I was tired of being prescribed dangerous medications, including steroids, all having horrible side effects. I put up with this condition for so long, I was beginning to accept that I may have to deal with it forever.

Finally, with a big golf tournament on the horizon (and my wrist feeling as bad as ever), I decided to try something a little less conventional: acupuncture. I had heard of acupuncture, but had never known anyone who used it. I had three or four treatments with Dr. Dawn over two months.

I am thrilled that after only those few sessions, my wrist pain is almost non-existent. I am playing the best golf of my life, and better yet, can lift and play with my son! I have seen Dr. Dawn only once in the year-and-a-half since my initial treatments, for a follow-up due to an aggravating injury of my own fault. She took care of this in one visit.

I would encourage anyone who has grown weary of “conventional” medicine to give Dr. Dawn’s acupuncture a try. She is reasonable, displays care and spends time with her patients, and best of all, delivers results!

– Eric S, Clearwater, FL

*Individual results may vary.

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