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Success: Excessive Uterine Bleeding with Severe Fatigue


*My name is Emily.
I started seeing Dawn about 5 to 6 weeks ago. I chose to see her because at age 48 I had been extremely ill for about 1 year. My physical conditions included hemorrhaging…which caused me to have two seizures from blood loss, extreme anemia, racing heart, extreme weight loss, memory loss, and extreme weakness.


Before seeing Dawn, I had spoken with an herbalist and had been taking some Chinese herbs that were extremely expensive and had to be ordered from California. I also would talk with people at health food stores and try different things that were suggested. I was keeping at a barely functioning level where I could at least hold down a job; but no real improvement.


My husband found Dawn about 5 to 6 weeks ago and my first appointment was on a Saturday…the day after that appointment I did what I had been doing…I slept all day Sunday. But Monday morning…I was up an hour earlier than normal: I cooked breakfast and a lunch to take to work….my husband and I had been eating out most of the time due to my weakness and lack of energy.


After a few appointments with Dawn and changing my diet based on her advice and the herbs she suggested, I finally feel that I am getting better and better….I have more strength and stamina then I have in a year….I have color in my cheeks, where I was always completely pale. I now maintain my weight….before Dawns treatment I would put on 3 lbs…then lose 5…yo-yo ing. I am thrilled to finally know that I truly am getting better…not just short-lived improvement. I wish I had known her a year ago.


Thank you Dawn!!

– Emily H., Dunedin, FL

*Individual results may vary.

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