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Success: Sciatica & Shoulder Pain


*I began treatment with Dr. Dawn Balusik in Oct 2004. I had been suffering from sciatica since May, and had been to my doctor, was taking the maximum amount of Motrin daily, and going to physical therapy, with no results. I was unable to sleep in my bed, unable to shave my legs or cut my toenails, and woke up most mornings in great pain.


I noticed a difference in the way I felt after only a couple of treatments, and was totally symptom-free by the end of the treatment period.


I have a lot of faith in Dawn’s abilities, as she has helped me in many ways. At the start of the flu season, she gave me herbs to take each morning, and I am the only one in my family who didn’t get sick. I am currently having a problem with my shoulder, and when I get acupuncture I get relief from the pain, am healing nicely, and I’m sure that with a few more treatments, this too will be a thing of the past.


My thanks to Dawn for using her extensive knowledge and training to make me well.


– Janet P., Holiday, FL

*Individual results may vary.

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