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Success: Ovarian Cyst & Abdominal Pain - Seminole, Florida


*I have been trying to conceive for about 6 months, but because of suffering from severe ovarian cyst, I had become worried about my fertility, which brought me to Dawn Balusik. For the last year, I would have an extremely painful and large cyst every month. Neither my doctor nor my OB/GYN could help with the cause or fix them from getting so large, so, I would suffer from pain for about 2 weeks out of each month.


On the day of my first scheduled appointment with Dawn, I happened to have a flare-up of another problem. I have had 5 surgeries resulting from a ruptured appendix and later gall bladder removal. After that, I started suffering from a severe stomach pain and swelling.


This would happen almost daily for approximately 2 years. I would never know when it was going to happen and when it did, I was in so much pain that I would cry and have to take prescription pain pills to make it stop. I had been hospitalized twice and had multiple tests like upper GI’s, Cat Scans, MRI, blood test, urine test, endoscopy, all with no avail to what the cause was. I had been working with my regular doctor and a specialist who finally referred me to Mayo Clinic for further diagnosis. There is an extremely long waiting list to get in.


I didn’t realize that this was also something Dawn could help with. So, as I was in pain, I started telling her about both of my problems, always being told that there was no way that the two areas could be connected. After my first week of acupuncture, following the diet and taking the herbs, I was already seeing a huge improvement, from having pain daily to just one time. After three weeks of treatment, I have had no more stomach pain, and my first month without an ovarian cyst in over a year. I couldn’t be happier. I only wish that I would have found Dawn sooner, it would have saved me many years of pain, suffering and frustration with my doctors.


– Heather C., Seminole, FL

*Individual results may vary.

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