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Success: Neck Pain


*I started seeing Dawn Balusik in November 2005 for chronic neck pain. I suffered from whiplash: I had neck pain during the day, and a hard time getting comfortable to sleep. I had been on pain medicines, gone to physical therapy, and was also seeing a chiropractor, which gave me some relief. I, however, felt that I was only masking the problem, and the pain would always return.

After having acupuncture treatments with Dawn Balusik for two months, I am now free of neck pain and only go for maintenance treatments. She made me feel very comfortable and the treatments are painless and very relaxing. I believe in Oriental Medicine because it treats a person from the inside. I will always incorporate acupuncture into my lifestyle of staying healthy and pain free.

– Renee C., Clearwater, FL

*Individual results may vary.

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