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Success: Migraine Headaches After Concussion


*I started acupuncture in October 2007, after my second epileptic seizure, which resulted in post-concussion syndrome with migraine headaches. The headaches would start mildly each morning and progressively get worse until they became excruciating by evening.


The doctors increased medication that only created lethargy, diminished my appetite, and created an ability to sleep 16 hours daily. Any stress sent me into a pounding migraine.

A good friend recommended Dr. Dawn. She analyzed my medical profile very carefully and treated me immediately with my first acupuncture session on the first appointment. Within two appointments, my headaches started to feel less intense, much like their rough edge were being sanded down.


By the end of the year, my headaches are infrequent and manageable by aspirin. I highly recommend Dr. Dawn’s gentle methods of practice to anyone in need of pain management.

– Susan H., Tampa, FL

*Individual results may vary.

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