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Success: Fibromyalgia with Back Pain & Arthritis


*Dr. Dawn, I would like to give testimony for whatever purpose you can use it, to encourage others who may be suffering from the pain I was dealing with before coming to see you.


I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia several years ago, and also osteoarthritis. Both these diseases were treated by physicians with pain medications, some operations, and nothing else, for years.


My symptoms were all-over pain, more severe pain in certain areas, fatigue, and fluid retention, as well as irritable bowel and digestive issues with constipation. The situation was wearing me down emotionally as well as physically, thus, I sought alternative therapy in acupuncture. I must admit, I was unsure that there would be a lot of success.

Over the course of my visits with you, these issues were addressed, treatment was begun, and I experienced some relief with even my first visit. When I first came to see you, I was unable to walk for exercise, which is needed with managing fibromyalgia. I felt older than my age, and that I was destined to do less and less because of all the pain and inflammation I was experiencing.

The treatment you give has alleviated all of my digestive issues and water retention; and the pain in my back, for which I was about to seek pain management, is so much reduced that I can hardly believe it. I can walk again for exercise. I feel so much better everywhere, that I feel I have a new lease on life. I am 62 years old, and feel that I can again be productive in my life, and not have my days centered around pain relief and suffering through the day.

Herbs were adjusted as my needs changed, and the real benefits came after several months of therapy. I was not always able to come for treatment as often as I needed to, so it took longer to get full relief.

My treatments leave me calmer and more at peace in the moment, but the effects of the pain relief last much longer than that and are cumulative, building upon one another. I have gone from being a skeptic to a firm believer in the benefits of acupuncture. It is important to get the right therapist, and you listen well and have given good advice and treatment, for which I am very grateful.


– Judith H., Clearwater, FL

*Individual results may vary.

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