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Fertility Success: Recurring Pregnancy Loss - Clearwater, Florida



*After going through many miscarriages, we went to an infertility specialist. All the numerous tests we did were inconclusive and they couldn’t find out what had been causing the early miscarriages. By the time we had done all the testing and suffered yet another miscarriage, my husband I were both exhausted.


We were then told to try IVF. Since I didn’t have insurance coverage for this and knowing that IVF didn’t guarantee anything, I looked for other options and came across acupuncture. We decided to try one last time using this method.


Before this, I didn’t know anything about acupuncture. When I researched and found out about Dawn, I went to her for a consultation. She was so helpful in educating me about the process. I did everything she told me to do using acupuncture, Chinese herbs and even eating certain foods. Within the next month we became pregnant and this time around we made it through the first month, the next and the next without a miscarriage. I continued my acupuncture throughout the entire pregnancy.

Thanks to Dawn, we were finally able to have our son, who is now a month old. Thank you so much for your help and gifting us with our miracle.


– Owens Family, Florida, Oct 2016

*Individual results may vary.

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