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Fertility Success: Recurring Pregnancy Loss & IUI Assistance
- Lakeland, Florida

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*I sought Dr. Dawn’s help for acupuncture after my husband and I spent nearly six frustrating and emotionally draining years trying to have another child. Our first child was conceived naturally and was born at full term when I was 38 years old. About six months after that, due to my age, we began trying to conceive again but were unsuccessful. After about six failed cycles, we sought help from my Ob/Gyn. After many tests and procedures (D & C, hysterosalpingogram, hysteroscopy, polypectomy) my infertility remained unexplained and we began fertility drug therapy.

I initially did not conceive, however after increasing the dosage twice I successfully conceived. At six months gestation, I went into labor and gave birth to stillborn twins – a boy and a girl. After our joy of conceiving and carrying seemingly healthy twins, we were faced with having to bury them. It was completely devastating. I felt broken.

We spent the next year considering our options. We considered other forms of ART as well as adoption, and ultimately after a year decided to try to conceive again. We felt that the loss of our twins would be meaningless if we gave up hope. We again turned to drug therapy, mainly because I did not want to change doctors and this infertility treatment was the only one available through her. However, I experienced miscarriage after miscarriage – so many that I lost count – and ultimately in May of 2007 we sought the help of the Reproductive Medicine Group (RMG) in Tampa. I was referred there by my family physician who was also being treated for infertility.

My husband and I underwent several diagnostic procedures to enable Dr. Goodman to determine the best treatment options. Because I was over the age of 43, in-vitro was not an option for me. The recommended treatment was injectible gonadotropins with intrauterine insemination. We agreed to try this approach and had two unsuccessful treatments over the next six months. Given that IVF wasn’t an option and that we were opposed to pursuing treatment with donor eggs, we were almost ready to give up and pursue adoption.

We decided to take a break from the treatments to relax enjoy the November and December holidays and try again in January. At the same time I had begun researching information on acupuncture treatment for infertility. I read an article in Conceive magazine while in the RMG office that piqued my interest. I then went online and read article after article and was completely intrigued. I also talked with colleagues and found that several people I know had successfully received acupuncture treatments for other health issues.


Through more research I found Dr. Dawn, met with her and decided to begin treatment of acupuncture and herbs. I can’t explain why, but upon meeting Dr. Dawn I immediately felt she could help me. I received weekly acupuncture treatments and took fertility herbs for about 3 months, then in January had another round of injectibles and IUI. After the procedure I began receiving acupuncture treatments every two weeks. Two weeks after the IUI we had a positive pregnancy test!


I continued to receive biweekly treatments from Dr. Dawn throughout my pregnancy to maintain a healthy and balanced pregnancy. We had our little “scares” over the next 38 weeks but overall the pregnancy was successful and our adorable daughter Giuliana was born on September 23, 2008. Our little miracle weighed a healthy 7 lbs. and measured 19 ½ inches. We finally feel our family is complete and are so grateful to Dr. Dawn for helping to make this possible. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a natural and stress free treatment for infertility.


– Sonya M., Lakeland, Florida, November 2008

*Individual results may vary.

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