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Success: Diarrhea


*Dear Dr. Dawn,

you saved my trip! As you know, I had been fighting severe intestinal problems for two weeks when I came to you. My doctor’s advise was to “eat what you want, you’re going to be miserable for quite a while, your system will eventually get back to normal, but I don’t recommend you get on a plane this week!” In addition to that, his tests showed nothing. I was afraid to leave home and I made it to your office in desperation after 5 straight days of being housebound.


During the acupuncture treatment I could feel my system calming down for the first time in two weeks. The very next day I was able to handle a 9-hour trip (including a delayed flight which caused a missed connection and a long wait). The herbs you prescribed have continued to keep my system manageable and comfortable. I am still amazed at the difference you made.


Thank you so much for restoring my quality of life and for helping me to be with my parents on a very special day.


You are incredible!

– Meredith F., Tampa, FL

*Individual results may vary.

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