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Success: Cancer Support


*I was diagnosed with stage four metastatic melanoma on September 28, 2007 and was told the average life expectancy for this level of disease is about 8 months. Now, it is nearly a year later, and I am doing very well. The last CT and MRI scans showed that the many tumors are shrinking significantly. I have been blessed with a good oncologist, an excellent acupuncture physician, and a great God!


Over the course of many months of chemotherapy, I lost my appetite completely and my energy level was extremely low. So, it was a huge challenge to maintain my weight. I was sinking fast.

I started treatment with Dawn Balusik in March of 2008 and the impact on my health and general outlook was almost immediate. Within days, I was able to eat more, and more often, and my energy level began to improve. As I have continued treatments, my appetite, weight, and vigor have continued to improve dramatically.


Many thanks to Dawn Balusik for the role that she is playing in God’s miracle!


– Dan F., Tampa, Florida

*Individual results may vary.

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