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Success: Back Pain & Asthma


*I came to see Dr. Dawn in July of 2008. I was in pretty bad shape physically and mentally. I have been treated by medical doctors for 15 years without improvements and certain aspects were regressing. I have problems with my lungs, kidneys, prostate and circulation. The doctors keep prescribing medicine which have not improved any of my conditions.


I damaged my spine when I was in Law Enforcement and the doctors wanted to give me pain killers. When I was hospitalized they wanted to give me morphine. How long would it take for me to become addicted? I was trying to tough it out but life was going down hill.


Dr. Dawn started to give me acupuncture treatments and the pain subsided almost immediately, she also prescribed Chinese herbs which have made me feel so much better. She helped me work out a food plan and my breathing is greatly improved! I am feeling 100% better and the quality of my life is greatly improved.


I will be forever thankful to Dawn and the things that she was able to do for me. I wish that I had found Dawn, acupuncture and Chinese herbs years ago.


Thank you, thank you, Dawn. Keep up the good work.


– Marvin L., Spring Hill, FL

*Individual results may vary.

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