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Success: Upper Back Pain


*Dr. Dawn,
Thank you so much for the excellent treatment for my upper back pain. As we discussed, I have disc issues at C-6 and C-7. One doctor, a few years back, said surgery was the only cure. I was not too keen on that.


My flare up this summer caused me to do some research into some other options. I had decided I would try acupuncture as a last ditch effort prior to any surgical procedures. I found you on the internet and, once I fully understood all of your certifications, decided to give you a try.


You might remember I was not yet a believer and was like “I am not sure about this but I will try anything.” Some friends were quite supportive and others were very much into thinking I had decided on some kind of voodoo. I was in-between. I am now a fervent believer.


When we started, my severe pain was gone but I still had pain lingering and I was not doing normal activities. I was a daily user of Advil. Getting in and out of bed was a tedious process to make sure I would not set my pain off again. Within two treatments I was feeling much better and I decided I needed to start living normally again and doing my normal activities. A few times I would feel a light burning, but if I would immediately move a position or adjust my body, within seconds it would go away.


Now after 4 treatments, I am on a maintenance schedule, I am doing everything and, except rare occasions, never feel any burning. What little burning sensation I do get quickly goes away with a slight posture adjustment; like my body is telling me to get in the proper position. I think if I had not had the pain this summer I would not even notice, just the normal day to day muscles stretching, etc. The only Advil taken since our start has been for sinus type headache and that has only been a couple of times.

I now tell everyone that if they have pain or some of the other conditions that acupuncture works well for they need to try it. I am a big supporter and would highly recommend this to anyone. It is amazing.


Thank you.

– Mike M., Clearwater, FL

*Individual results may vary.

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