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Success: Ulcerative Colitis


*I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in August of 2010. I lived with the symptoms of this terrible disease for a year and two months until I decided I needed to take my health into my own hands. My doctor told me I would never be cured but would be able to mask the symptoms with different medications. My quality of life was terrible!

My stomach hurt all the time, I was always bloated from the medication, and never had a normal bowel movement (went to the bathroom 10-20 times a day.) I didn’t go anywhere unless I knew exactly where the bathroom was. Accidents became a way of life and honestly quite humiliating to deal with as an adult.

I started doing research and reading books on the people who had been successful with diet change and acupuncture. I decided this was my next step.

So October 1, 2011 I called Dawn to schedule an appointment and wanted to come in right away. She was extremely kind and attentive and asked many questions covering my entire health profile. She commended my newly altered diet change (gluten-free and organic). She said that diet change is something she recommends to people in my situation. She also told me to take the herbs she gave me as well as a probiotic. I saw her for acupuncture treatment every week.

I started seeing an immediate improvement just after the first two weeks. My trips to the bathroom were much less frequent. Dawn was very thorough with the acupuncture method and adjusting my herbs weekly based on my improvement.

After just 3 months I was completely symptom free! I will never forget on Christmas I was at my parents’ house with my husband, eating everything offered for Christmas dinner and I felt great. My whole family told me how healthy and vibrant I looked and everyone could see a noticeable change. I hadn’t felt that great in years! I’ve gradually started adding gluten back into my diet and I am happy to say I am still completely symptom-free. I still go see Dawn once a week and I probably will for the rest of my life.

-Melissa S., Palm Harbor, FL

*Individual results may vary.

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