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Success: Sciatica & Low Back Pain


*Treatment for my condition began 10-17-07 after having had moderate to severe pain in my right leg since early July. The pain was caused by a pinched sciatic nerve. I initially sought treatment from my primary care physician. My daily routine consisted of a 12 hr. work schedule which caused significant pain followed by pain relievers at bedtime and starting the cycle over again the next day.


My physician referred me to his colleague in pain management. I tried 2 pain relievers as well as steroids and medication for nerve pain. These provided some temporary relief. Since rest and medication had minimal and temporary effect we moved to the next level. I had steroid nerve block injections in the involved spinal area. This again provided some relief, however I still had significant pain.


While getting treatment, a family member related my situation to Dr. Balusik who indicated the she had recently started using a new acupuncture technique for this kind of condition. I had treatment and almost immediately the pain was gone. Two additional treatments by Dr. Balusik produced complete relief. I had sought treatment from Dr. Balusik on previous occasions for other maladies so I was familiar with acupuncture and therapeutic massage but this treatment method produced significant and virtually immediate relief.


Since lower back pain is one of the most common problems for which people seek relief. I would certainly recommend a visit to Dr. Balusik for treatment using the Tan Balance method as a first option.


I am a health care professional who had some initial skepticism about acupuncture but the results have been significant to the extent that medication is no longer necessary and the debilitating effects of the pain are gone.


To be treated in an atmosphere of compassion and concern for the whole person is an option I will certainly be using again. Dr. Balusik treats the whole person. She explains her methods and the intended results. She does not denigrate your previous experiences. She simply offers treatment and the results speak for themselves.


– Dennis T., Palm Harbor, FL

*Individual results may vary.

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