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Success: RSD: Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy


*My name is Hazmin F. I have been [getting acupuncture] for about 2 years now. I have been going to Dawn Balusik for probably the last 8 months. I have RSD. For me that only means pain. Pain in my arm. Pain in my hand. In my shoulders. In my back. I injured my right wrist and arm in 2003. I saw a physical therapist for a year, had 2 cortisone shots and then had surgery. That escalated into RSD, which spiraled the pain out of control, and I STILL had no use of my hand, which was what the surgery was for.

I was on Bex**a, Vic***n, the highest dosage of Advil. My orthopedist gave up on me and referred me to pain management, where they recommended a series of nerve block injections in my neck that would basically shut down the nervous system, hoping it would “reboot” and the RSD would go away. When I refused, he recommended Neur**tin, an anti-seizure drug. I refused, so he recommended Gab**ril, a milder anti-seizure drug. When I asked how long I would have to be on it, he said “forever”; I refused – making it only the third time in my life I said “No” to a recommended treatment by a Western-based physician.

That’s when I left and made an appointment for acupuncture, which was recommended to me by a friend. Before my treatments, I couldn’t cook. I couldn’t braid my daughter’s hair. I couldn’t fold clothes. I couldn’t even cut my own food. I typed only with my left hand (a real pain). I gave up on my passion – playing the piano.

Now I can do most everything, as long as I keep things in moderation. I planted a bromeliad garden with my daughter this weekend – What joy! I was sore for a day, but today, I am typing this note WITH BOTH HANDS. I know I wouldn’t be at the level of recovery that I am without the acupuncture and massage.

I can’t express enough my appreciation not only for the holistic approach and the amazing intuitiveness and expertise, but also for the tremendous amount of care and love that goes into the treatments. I love Dawn’s quiet strength. Of all the methods of treatment I have received at that office, I think my body has responded the most to her massage, cupping and gua sha. I say that, but acupuncture has been wonderful, along with the Chinese herbs I have used along the way.


I rely on Dawn’s expertise week to week to recommend the treatment needed, and just watch with amazement how my body responds and heals to her touch.

– Hazmin F., Palm Harbor, FL

*Individual results may vary.

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