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Acupuncture Treatment for Colds & Flu?

While many people think of acupuncture as a treatment to relieve pain or quit smoking, it actually has quite a few more benefits. During this time of year, the flu and colds are quite common, along with other sinus/respiratory-related conditions, often resulting in people taking various over the counter medications and prescriptions in an effort to ease the symptoms and get better sooner. At Dawn Potter Acupuncture we take a more natural approach to healing and are proud to offer acupuncture in Clearwater for flu and cold symptoms. Along with treating your cold/flu, acupuncture can be wonderful for many other things as well. We treat a wide range of conditions which can be viewed here. Today, we’re discussing colds and the flu along with how acupuncture can be a beneficial treatment option.

Cold/Flu Acupuncture in Clearwater

When it comes to acupuncture and colds/the flu it can have various benefits. Regular acupuncture treatment can actually improve the immune system and reduce your risk for getting the flu or a cold in the first place. If you manage to get a cold or the flu, acupuncture can be used to relieve symptoms, boost the immune system and reduce the length of sickness.

Think that you or a loved one may be coming down with a cold or the flu? Interested in boosting your immune system and avoiding getting sick? Feel free to schedule an appointment with Dawn Potter Acupuncture, we’re always happy to help.

Tips for Avoiding The Flu/Colds

Interested in some other ways to keep your body healthy and ailment free? We recommend:

  1. Schedule regular acupuncture treatments in Clearwater.

  2. Partake in fun activities.

  3. Relax more often.

  4. Get as much sleep as you need.

  5. Take Vitamin C to support your immune system.

  6. Reduce sugar intake.

  7. Eat a healthy, balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.

  8. Exercise regularly.

  9. Consume enough water and stay hydrated.

Schedule Acupuncture in Clearwater, Florida Today

Ready to start your acupuncture treatment in Clearwater? Schedule an appointment with Dawn Potter Acupuncture today, we’re always accepting new patients.


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