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Fertility Success: IVF Assistance - Clearwater, Florida

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*My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for about four years. I am an extremely healthy individual and found this extremely frustrating. After the doctors ran tests on us and I had a laparoscopy, we determined that there was, in fact, nothing medically wrong with us.

We were referred to the Reproductive Medical Center. We unsuccessfully tried a few rounds of artificial insemination (IUI) and eventually we tried in-vitro (IVF) in the summer of 2006.

I signed up for the shared donors program. We produced eight eggs. I donated four of them and we were able to use two of the four we kept. Unfortunately, we had an early miscarriage. Six months later a friend of mine suggested I try acupuncture.

Dawn Balusik met with me and suggested that I try acupuncture and associated herbs for a couple of menstrual cycles. Thereafter she would switch me to fertility herbs. She suggested that I may have blood stagnation, and that the acupuncture and the initial herbs would help increase blood circulation, which in turn would help maintain a pregnancy. I tried acupuncture and herbs for the two months and noticed less clotting in my period by the end of the second cycle.

After being a patient of Dawn Balusik for two cycles I was offered a free in-vitro cycle as part of a study the Reproductive Medical Center was conducting. My doctor asked that I discontinue the use of herbs, but allowed me to continue acupuncture. I did so and this time we produced fifteen eggs – thirteen of which fertilized. We were able to freeze eggs as well as use the two healthiest.


We have had no problems thus far and are currently about ten weeks pregnant. I am continuing to see Dawn on a regular basis to help with blood circulation in order to maintain a healthy pregnancy.


— J. Wright, Clearwater, FL, June 2007

*Individual results may vary.

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