Qi Gong for Self-Healing

You’ve heard of yoga and its wonderful benefits, right? And meditation, of course. And many people are familiar with the slow, martial arts type movements of Tai Qi (“tie chee”). But, have you heard about Qi Gong (“chee gung”)? In fact, Tai Qi is one form of Qi Gong, of which there are many forms and lineages that have been passed down through the millenia in China.


Cultivating “Calm”

Do you know anyone who experiences stress on a consistent basis? Could it be you?

No matter what your health goals are — whether it’s pain relief, more sleep, weight loss, or hormone balance — chronic stress can work against your progress. And even though you can leave an acupuncture treatment feeling wonderfully grounded and centered, life often creeps back in and you can end up feeling tense, anxious, exhausted, and burned out.


What to Expect After your First Acupuncture Visit

Most people find their first acupuncture treatment to be far more relaxing and calming than they ever expected. In fact, many patients fall asleep on the table with their needles in, or report having amazing sleep the night after their treatment.

It is important to be aware of how you are feeling after your first visit; including any changes in symptoms or conditions between treatments.