“He who seeks Medicine and neglects his diet

wastes the skill of his doctors.”

-Chinese Proverb

One of the most powerful modalities of Oriental medicine is nutrition. Traditional Chinese medicine has long understood that the quality and quantity of your nutrition are integral to regaining health, preventing illness and promoting longevity.

oriental nutrition

The quality of what you consume renders your diet either medicinal or harmful. Healthy nutrition provides the energy and substance which nourishes, heals and sustains your body, whereas poor nutrition depletes, harms and toxifies it, contributing to disease, and leading to poor health in the long-run. Your body is like a garden; if you keep the "soil" (body) rich with beneficial nutrition and clean water, you can reap the "flowers" (benefit) of good health!

Dawn has published several articles on nutrition, which are available on her blog. Her nutritional philosophy places Traditional Chinese dietetics within the context of a primarily plant-based, whole-foods diet. In this way, she is providing the best of both worlds: the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese nutrition, and the latest in modern nutritional research.

At your initial appointment, Dawn will review your diet and suggest changes that will assist with your health goals and challenges, based on your constitution and condition. She may also recommend specific nutritional supplements.

In addition to high-quality, American-made Chinese herbal products, Dawn's on-site pharmacy also contains an assortment of pharmeceutical grade and whole-food based nutritional supplements.

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