Acupuncture For Cancer Support

While cancer survival success rates are continually increasing due to advancements in cancer treatment, the treatments themselves are still very taxing to the body. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapies can cause numerous debilitating side-effects.

Dawn Balusik holds a certificate from Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in acupuncture for the cancer patient. She uses acupuncture and herbal medicine to help support health and ease the side-effects associated with cancer and cancer treatments.

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And she is not alone; many well known elite cancer care facilities such as Moffett Cancer Center, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and the Naval Medical Center include acupuncture to support cancer patients who undergo surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments.


Cancer Support Success Stories


*I was diagnosed with stage four metastatic melanoma on September 28, 2007 and was told the average life expectancy for this level of disease is about 8 months. Now, it is nearly a year later, and I am doing very well. The last CT and MRI scans showed that the many tumors are shrinking significantly. I have been blessed with a good oncologist, an excellent acupuncture physician, and a great God!

Over the course of many months of chemotherapy, I lost my appetite completely and my energy level was extremely low. So, it was a huge challenge to maintain my weight. I was sinking fast.

I started treatment with Dawn Balusik in March of 2008 and the impact on my health and general outlook was almost immediate. Within days, I was able to eat more, and more often, and my energy level began to improve. As I have continued treatments, my appetite, weight, and vigor have continued to improve dramatically.

Many thanks to Dawn Balusik for the role that she is playing in God’s miracle!

- Dan F., Tampa, Florida

Edema & Neuropathy after Leukemia

*I am a leukemia and stem cell transplant survivor. I have had a lot of issues since then from all the medicines post treatment and during.

I have had several surgeries for my leg veins for edema in my feet and remained with edema in my feet and peripheral neuropathy. I was told by several Doctors that there wasn't anything more they could do for me . I was given intermittent leg pressure equipment that didnt help anything.

A family member had suggested acupuncture. They had checked the internet for someone in my area. They found Dawn Balusik due to the fact she has continuing education in cancer related issues.

I have to say I am so thrilled with her and the treatment she has provided me. My edema has gone away and the extreme pain i suffered in my feet is now non existant. I highly recommend anyone that wants to give acupuncture a try to seek her out. She has a very professional and calming personality. And Diana in the office is extremely nice also.

- Bridget S., Clearwater, Florida

*Results vary from person to person.

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